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Episode 7 - Part 1: What is a GCM and an ALCA and why you may need one?

Host Zack Demopoulos invites Wendy Sabin, MSW, LCSW to talk about what a GCM or Geriatric Care Manager is, the name change from GCM to ALCA or Aging Life Care Adviser, why you would call one, what they do for you, and how she balances her professional care giving and personal care giving which you may be surprised by her answer. She also answers a listener’s question on how to handle an aging parent who is reluctant to move out of state to be near an adult child who can care for them.

Episode 8 - Part 2: How do you find a GCM, what are some resources to help you care for an aging parent, animal pet therapy?

Host Zack Demopoulos continues his discussion with Wendy Sabin, MSW, LCSW (check out Episode 007 for Part 1: about how to hire a GCM (Geriatric Care Manager), resources they can help you with caring for your aging parents, Wendy’s dog Sophie who is training for pet animal therapy and how important this therapy. Zack also does a review of the ALCA (Aging Life Care Association) as in its members and its purpose. This show is dedicated to pet therapy animals—stick around until the end of the show to learn why.