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For starters, you make everyone feel so welcomed. You have an outstanding way of bringing people together and sharing valuable information in a positive & fun manner. You think outside the box and always come up with creative solutions to address challenging topics. You are a natural leader who inspires people to be their best! Lastly, your ability to collaborate with so many different people is really impressive.

– Colleague who goes to Sabin Elder Care events

“I have 100% trust in Sabin Elder Care for my clients. I have been working with them for the past 5 years and they are always professional, efficient and put the needs of their clients first, no matter what.”

– Julie, Home Care Company

“I am the sister who hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting you in person yet, but I wanted to thank you for your email. I have been the one who was questioning what additional benefit a gcm could provide and this email from you answered that and gave me even more than I could have expected.

I appreciate your perspective and comments both about my mom’s ability to go home and also how to cooperate with her and get her through this very difficult stage in life.”

– Long Distance Caregiver

“Hi Wendy, Thanks. Just want to let you know how much you helped us during a very confusing and difficult time for the family. You helped us clarify our needs and supported us in making all the transitions as smooth as possible. You kept us from getting completely overwhelmed. Your services have been invaluable. Just wanted you to know that. You have a great rest of the summer as well and I will definitely stay in touch. Thanks again.”

– Anonymous

“Wendy provides excellent Geriatric Care services. When referring to her, I know my clients and their families will be well taken care of and that every need will be discussed, managed and handled with the utmost care and confidentiality. Easily accessible and very communicative, she embodies what families are looking for today in Geriatric Care Management.”

– Private Home Care Company

“A visit with Wendy brings the resources she offers as a top connector.”

– Professional Senior Mover

“Helping one’s elderly parents transition into life with assistance is not only emotionally challenging, but it is also administratively so as the resources available are not always obvious or easy to obtain. Employing Wendy to help us tackle this task was the best thing we could have done for not only our parents, but also for us as a family.”

“When the coordination of care becomes too complex for a senior to manage-many times they either have NO ONE-or worse…..’too many chefs in the kitchen,’ Wendy is your go-to gal. I have worked several times directly with Wendy, and her position requires her to have a keen eye for identifying not only the obvious problems, but the roots of these issues, and an encyclopedic knowledge of to whom to turn for each specific situation. When our clients are confused or conflicted over what options may be the best course for their care, or if there are differing opinions, Wendy positions herself as the Ultimate Expert-the mediator, the counselor, the broker, the shoulder to cry on, the middle-of-the-night emailer. Every case on which I’ve worked with Wendy, has sparked rave review-testimonial calls to my bosses, my colleagues, and myself.”

– Private Home Care Company

My mother (now 86) is a caring, considerate/self-sacrificing woman. When my dad was coming to the end of his life (he died a few weeks before turning 96) my mom would not leave him alone for a minute-even with full-time, live-in help. She would not let any of her children or grandchildren take her out for tea or a meal. (And this is a woman who attended every production, game or recital of her grandchildren) She was so dedicated to my dad she was harming her own health. I asked Wendy to meet with her-a surprise visit. Well, after 1 meeting with Wendy, my stubborn and strong-willed mom “listened.” She reconciled in her mind that it was ok to allow someone else to hold my dad’s hand or to give him some soup. Although it was an extremely trying situation, my dad died peacefully in hospice at home and Wendy’s counsel and support kept my mom afloat and gave me peace of mind too. My mom is now thriving as a widow, re-joined activities in her 55+ community, making plans to fly and visit grandchildren, open to adventure. Wendy helped my mom re-gain perspective and I know I can count on her to help me with whatever I may need for my mom in the future.

– Barbara, Montclair, NJ

Wendy Sabin was critical to the rapid recovery of my brother. She negotiated meetings with us and the nursing home/ subacute rehab staff to implement better care and eliminate unnecessary meds. She had good contacts when my brother required additional help. Our one regret is that we did not contact her before my brother left the hospital. She would have been most valuable in choosing a more appropriate sub acute rehab facility than my brother entered. Wendy knows the care facilities in the area well. She know how to get staff to listen to the family and patient. She was a great support to the family as well as my brother.

– Client, Family Member Caregiver

Wendy Sabin was a true life saver in helping arrange for my disabled friend to find a nursing home. My friend, who had no family living near her, needed assistance with finance, paper work, cleaning out her home and emotional support. Wendy was able to convince her that she needed more care and helped her research and visit different facilities. My friend is now safe and happy in a wonderful nursing home thanks to Wendy.

– Carol, Program Assistant

Hi Wendy. First, let me thank you for all of your help. You have been so wonderful, swooping in during our time of need & pointing us in the right direction. From afar, it meant so much to know that my family had someone to lean on & help with a very difficult time. We cannot thank you enough. Thank you for everything.

– Long Distance Caregiver

Wendy Sabin came to our rescue when our dad wasn’t doing well. Wendy is very good at shepherding families through traumatic and stressful aging situations. We are forever grateful for the loving care and support she gave to our family.

– Caregiver

Wendy is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is thorough, smart, and insightful. Transitioning a patient to a long-term Medicaid facility is no easy feat, but with Wendy’s assistance it was seamless. I will definitely call on Wendy to assist with future cases. Highly recommended!

– Social Worker in a Rehabilitation Setting

Wendy was a lifesaver when my mom had a stroke. I was at such a loss as to what to do, where to start and how to find the best facility for my mom to receive the best post-stroke care and rehabilitation. Wendy has many connections in the eldercare field and is very organized and on top of things. She acted as our advocate to navigate the whole process and make sure each facility was acting in my mom’s best interest. Wendy is also very caring, sweet and always made sure I was doing OK. She fully understands how hard these times can be on family members. Wendy was instrumental in the process of finding the best care for my mom and I will always be thankful to her. I would highly recommend Wendy to any family who needs assistance with a sick or aging parent / family member.

– Daughter / Caregiver

Wendy was worth her weight in gold when my mother’s care fell apart like a house of cards. I needed a new agency and a new place for my mother to live immediately, as I felt she was unsafe. Wendy simply made things happen.

– Caregiver

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your kind email and all of the guidance and direction that you’ve given our extended family beginning last April. Mary seems to have weathered the trip to Maryland quite well. Surprising, I think. We’ll all be so happy if Mary can regain her footing a bit out in Maryland, though I think it’s doubtful she will really be able to speak again.

I think the family is pleased to have Mary out of rehab. Being in a location closer to her children should help a lot.

Sue and I extend our sincere thanks to you for all of your care and direction these last several months. We wish you all the best for the future.

Warm regards.

– John

Recently, my Mother suffered a major stroke at her home in NJ. At the time, me and my two siblings were on the West Coast. We rushed back to NJ and entered into a very uncertain and emotional time. A friend of my sister in NJ recommended Wendy Sabin for Elder Care Management not only for my mother, but also for our elderly father since we would all be eventually returning to our homes and families on the West Coast.

I cannot say enough great things about Wendy – I would call her our “Quarterback” in this very difficult and challenging situation. Wendy gave us emotional support as well as bringing on a dedicated and professional team of health care professionals to take care of our father (at the time living alone in a large house) and our mother, who required more supervision and comfort than the Hospital and Rehab facility could provide.

With Wendy’s guidance and support, we were able to move both our mother and father to the West Coast.

Wendy is professional, compassionate, thorough, and has a deep understanding of what a family goes through and will go through as their parents age and need more care than their family alone can provide.

– Jim

When I think about his living in that house with minimal help, I realize how overdue this move was. I suppose that’s the rule when family is involved: our perceptions are just wrong, and that’s why we need professional help. Your work becomes critical here. I know you know this. But I just wanted to revisit this experience and remind you how grateful I am for your presence during those painful times.

– Caregiver

I am an only child with divorced parents and a demanding career with frequent business travel. I was managing my father’s care for his severe depression and other chronic illnesses when both Dad and I agreed that he needed to move to assisted living after multiple and extended hospitalizations.

Wendy and her team were a tremendous resource to navigate this complex process. She has the experience, connections, compassion, and communication skills that allowed me to provide the best possible care for my dad within our resources. Wendy was a great advocate and liaison in every step from the hospital, social services, rehabilitation, and assisted living. I would highly recommend Sabin Elder care solutions.

– Caregiver

Wendy and her colleague Dawn were lifesavers for my father and me in the final years of my dad’s life. They researched options, helped us set up systems, and gave my dad loving attention and respect. Having them as knowledgeable, caring professionals was especially important, as I commute to work and travel frequently, making me unavailable when emergencies arose. And they were a source of comfort and problem-solving in my dad’s final days.

– Caregiver

Wendy has been incredibly helpful to our family as we navigated my mother’s journey into nursing home care and dementia. Wendy is the absolute epitome of both professionalism and sympathetic care. She is the best!!!

– Caregiver

I met Wendy Sabin when she moved her mother Bobby to Arden Courts. Bobby became my mother’s neighbor and Wendy and I bonded instantly. I watched how Wendy cared for her mother as well as every client she helped settle into their new “home”. Wendy is phenomenal at her job. She is caring and loving towards residents as if it was her own mother or father. She is professional and confident and puts her entire heart into every conversation. I never thought that there would be a day that I would need to call on Wendy on a professional level but then I did. During one of the most traumatic experiences with COVID-19, Wendy Sabin stepped in and saved mine and my mother’s life. That’s how it felt to me. She continues to exceed my expectation as a care manager and a friend.

– Caregiver

Wendy is simply wonderful. We had an urgent need to arrange for COVID-19 care for my family who lived 100s of miles away. Without knowing me or my family, but just because we were in a spot, Wendy jumped in, drew on her extensive network, and made sure we had the necessary care for the family – hospital, at-home, children, grown-ups. No drama – just attention to detail and CARING professionalism. She is a mensch of the first order.

– Caregiver

Wendy is extremely helpful managing care for my mom who is 89 years old. She has extensive experience with elderly people, and my mom really likes and trusts her. Wendy has so many contacts and resources to help our family with all our needs. She was so helpful finding an aide for my mom, who has low vision. She stays in touch with the aide regularly to get the inside scoop on what’s happening from the aide’s perspective too, so we can make great decisions together. She follows up, visits my mom, and has great insight and suggestions to help my mom have the best support emotionally and physically.

– Daughter caregiver of an elderly mom

Words really can’t express how crucial Sabin Elder Care Solutions was to me and my husband during his last months. Wendy and Dawn were the family members we didn’t have available. They took care of all the details and transitions with love and kindness and made that difficult time bearable.

They were our angels!

– Barbara

If you are seeking any type of transition or elder care for your loved ones, I highly recommend Wendy and her team at Sabin Elder Care Solutions to assist you in making the appropriate decisions and implementing your choices. Change is difficult; Wendy and her team are knowledgeable, compassionate and able to facilitate any and all your elder care needs.

– Caregiver